Psoriasis Healing Cream Pack Of One 3.5oz


Psoriasis Healing Cream Pack Of One 3.5oz

(17 customer reviews)


For patients With Mild Psoriasis Or Skin Disease. Typically Lasts for About 7 – 10 Days


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Weight3.5 lbs

17 reviews for Psoriasis Healing Cream Pack Of One 3.5oz

  1. adminghreet

    great product. was effective in 3 weeks of usage

  2. Maria

    it really worked for me

  3. Olivia

    Nice Ingredients according to health, Really work very well and it’s had displayed the result within 5 weeks.

  4. Emma

    Awesome cream it’s work very well on psoriasis.

  5. Ethan

    Some months ago, at age 50, I developed psoriasis. I have spent a fair amount of money and time looking for a solution. The product that worked best but not removes proper psoriasis. I took a chance on Adhbuth Ghrit. Within some days all psoriasis disease was gone and has never come back.

  6. Alexander

    The BEST cream I’ve ever used and I love that. it has each natural. No cancer causing chemicals to worry about. I also love the cleanser! I have psoriasis and eczema, dry flaky skin and the honey skin products are the best I’ve ever used and I’ve tried so several products ranging from all prices. Please don’t ever prevent making this stuff!

  7. Harper

    Love the product. It isn’t an instant treatment, however, progress has been made. I don’t like the skin doctor treats are dangerous and too harsh for me. Mine psoriasis is triggered by an allergy reaction. And this cream is the best I have ever used. I highly recommend it and learn endurance to let it work.

  8. Daniel

    I’ve only used this product for 2 weeks and I could already tell it’s better than using regular store brought lotion. As a person who has suffered from psoriasis for 10+ years, I grew tired of using steroids and other prescription creams. If this continues to do the job, I’ll keep ordering to keep it under control.

  9. Scarlett

    Perfect cream for psoriasis! have tried various creams but gets relief for a few weeks and then it’s back to square one! Am so glad I found ointment Adhbuth Ghrit… it works like magic.

  10. Ella

    Excellent service Excellent results one of the best cream for psoriasis and eczema in lowest price keeping the skin clean.

  11. Riley

    Works such as a miracle product. My 15 years old psoriasis issue comes to almost control within 2 to 3 weeks. Thanks to the manufacturer of like a great product.

  12. Aria

    Very effective cream does miracles. Highly suggest this. I have tried allopathy, homeopathy, but nothing grant me so much satisfaction as this. Please go for ADHBUTH GHRIT.

  13. Sebastian

    I used this along with the Adhbuth Ghrit cream to lift eczema scabs in my scalp. This work very well for me.

  14. Wyatt

    Incredible product that quickly resolves psoriasis, eczema. Put a little in your body and scalp, massage in and it was working within some days. I highly recommend it.

  15. Christopher

    It’s a benignant cream for dry skin at a very reasonable cost. Each people use simply on the affected skin area. This product has not any side effect, it’s a combination of natural herbs.

  16. Grayson

    The product is helpful for psoriasis skin and Eczema. You can use easily on your skull and another body part of affected by psoriasis.
    …… Really it’s a genius product with good quality.

  17. Luke

    This is a complete miracle in the box…a game-changer. After the 1st application, it already looked better. After 6 and 8 weeks, the redness was completely gone!

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